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Actress Heather Locklear has always been her father's daughter.
10.12.2009 00:01
A young singer Victoria Dayneko already has 2 music videos: "Leyla" and "I dreamed"; great solo songs, tours along with all the participants of Factory of Stars headed by Alla ...
09.12.2009 00:01
Model Ana Beatriz Barros is often invited to shoot for glamorous glossy magazines.
08.12.2009 00:01
Model Alessandra is associated with the American line of underpinnings Victoria's Secret.
07.12.2009 00:02
An actress Jessica Simpson gained weight over the past few months. She is not shy about this fact, but on the contrary, demonstrates her buxom forms.
06.12.2009 00:02
The talent of R&B singer, 21 Alicia Keys is so bright that it is possible to illuminate a jet-black darkness.
05.12.2009 00:02
Alyssa Milano is not only an actress. She has many various talents and a rare gift to bring all the undertakings to a brilliant finale. She plays piano and flute.
04.12.2009 00:01
Tina Karol is perhaps the only young performer of Ukraine who combines seemingly incompatible things: the morale of the Ukrainian army, peacemaking, rapid music career and a sincere smile.
03.12.2009 00:02
Nicole Neumann
01.12.2009 00:25
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