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If previously one could meet girls at least at the age of 20 working as prostitutes, now nobody will be surprised if he meets 13-year-old girls in brothels.
02.11.2010 15:44
In Kyiv, in a private house on Scherbakova Street one could know about his fate, to solve family problems and remove evil curse paying 100 hryvnias for it.
01.11.2010 17:54
In Mariupol, Donetska region law enforcement officers arrested two local businessmen, who for two years had been engaged in sexual defilement of minors.
29.10.2010 14:07
The Interior Ministry believed that the collision of public bus with a train at a railway crossing in Marhanets (Dnipropetrovska region) was due to a combination of factors, said Deputy ...
28.10.2010 17:19
In Kherson, unidentified persons fired at office of a candidate for city chairman of the Union of Left Forces Vladlen Hiryn during his press conference.
27.10.2010 10:51
In the Lisnyi housing area in Kyiv a person unknown poured eight cars with acid that were standing in the green zone.
26.10.2010 13:34
As a result of a special operation a citizen of one of the neighboring states was apprehended who tried to take three Ukrainian women into sexual slavery.
25.10.2010 16:22
In the Dnipropetrovska region woman killed her lover, drug addict, who had returned home being drunk, with his crutch, when he started sorting things out with her.
22.10.2010 14:14
Chervonozavodskyi district police department in Kharkiv opened a criminal case on beating a member of the electoral headquarters of the Kharkiv organization of the party Batkivschyna Morika Liashenko.
21.10.2010 13:13
The investigation into the accident on October 13 at a railway crossing in the village Tarasivka in the Kyivska region, where the train crashed into an ambulance car, received the ...
20.10.2010 10:49
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