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Kyiv police have announced a search for a man who on November 2 2010 committed the rape in the Shevchenkovskyi district on Chornovol vulytsia 10.
16.11.2010 13:42
Yesterday, on November 14 in the morning, law enforcement officers apprehended the criminal who is suspected of killing a man in Kyiv, near the Livoberezhna subway station.
15.11.2010 11:44
In Kramatorsk, Donetska region people unknown beat a reporter, according to the PR Department of the General Directorate of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Donetska region.
12.11.2010 09:44
In Kyiv near Southern railway breathless body of a man was found in the jeep Hyundai.
11.11.2010 12:17
Employees of the Directorate for combating crimes related to human traffic at the Main Directorate of Interior Ministry in Dnipropetrovska region have detected network consisting of 6 porno studios in ...
10.11.2010 14:59
Yesterday in the evening, on November 8, in Kyiv near the exit from the subway station Livoberezhna a person unknown knifed a man and injured a girl, witness, 19.
09.11.2010 14:07
The unpleasant incident took place in the Kyivska region: a person unknown threatened to blow up Vasylkivska district state administration.
08.11.2010 14:47
Interior Ministry of Ukraine together with the SBU apprehended police chief at the industrial market ‘7th kilometer’ for bribe-taking.
05.11.2010 15:45
In Horlovka, Donetska region 93-year-old pensioner shot down his granddaughter, her father and then himself.
04.11.2010 17:46
In the evening in the village youth celebrated parting ceremony devoted to the guy who was going to serve in the army.
03.11.2010 18:00
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