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Chairman of the district administration, the deputy of the regional council Janna Chynkova died in a collision of Mazda-626 and Skoda Fabia on the highway Kharkiv-Krasnohrad.
29.11.2010 13:53
Lawyer of one of the enterprises of Odesa, was hospitalized on November 26 because of the undermining of her apartment by unknown assailants in Malynovskyi district of the city, according ...
26.11.2010 18:16
Deputy Head of Department - Head of Investigation Department of Interior Ministry Roman Lytvynov has denied reports that Vladyslav Piskun had tried to commit suicide.
25.11.2010 15:17
SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) exposed and stopped the activities of organized criminal group in Ukraine which was distributing smuggled psychotropic substances.
24.11.2010 12:51
Hundreds of Sevastopil residents yesterday, on Nov. 22 and today come to the scene of the tragedy, to honor the memory of the dead children - Kira, 2, Nastia, 5 ...
23.11.2010 13:53
Vladyslav Piskun, a player of FC Sevastopil, who killed in a traffic accident four people yesterday, on November 22, is arrested and placed in detention facility in Sevastopil police department.
22.11.2010 15:17
The state commission investigating the causes of the traffic accident at a railway crossing near Marhanets in the Dnipropetrovska region found the driver who violated traffic regulations, is guilty of ...
19.11.2010 12:18
In Cherkasy, 47-year-old bachelor-entrepreneur enticed minors to his home, where he raped them and shot it on video.
18.11.2010 16:21
The Court of Appeal of Donetska region left the ruling of the Kyiv district court of Donetsk on closing the case in connection with the lapse of the case on ...
17.11.2010 14:18
As a result of accident involving a van that was transporting Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian tourists on the Hurghada - Safaga road, Ukrainian citizen was killed and four Ukrainian citizens ...
16.11.2010 16:46
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