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President Yanukovych has ordered the Foreign Ministry to step up measures to protect Ukrainian citizens abroad in the wake of Monday's bomb attack on Moscow's Domodedovo Airport.
27.01.2011 12:17
Somali pirates have received a $5.5 million ransom for a German-operated tanker, the Marida Marguerite, which was held for eight months, the Sovfracht Maritime Bulletin Internet Publication reported on Tuesday.
28.12.2010 16:51
Seismologists have recorded weak tremors, 3 on the Richter scale, 130 km off Uzhhorod (Zakarpattia region, west of Ukraine), seismic department of the Carpathian region, station Uzhhorod, reported.
16.12.2010 13:45
Flooding in Zakarpattia region on December 7-10 was close to the historical floods of 2001 and received its official status as a natural disaster of the regional level.
14.12.2010 16:36
Floodwaters have hit over 1,100 households and over 121 hectares of farmland, destroyed about 305 meters of water retaining dams, and inundated dozens of populated localities in Transcarpathia (west of ...
10.12.2010 12:24
The pirates who hijacked the Eleni P, a ship with a citizen of Ukraine on board, in May 2010 have agreed on the amount of a ransom, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry ...
07.12.2010 17:43
According to preliminary reports from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, there were no Ukrainians among those injured or killed during the crash landing of a Tu-154 aircraft at the Domodedovo airport ...
06.12.2010 17:50
A kidnapped student of the Institute of International Relations, Iryna Lazarenko, has been returned to her parents safe and unharmed, the press service of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported.
02.12.2010 14:17
Porsche 911 Turbo at the cost of 150 thousand US dollars, which a few years ago belonged to Stepan Chernovetskyi, had a traffic accident. Restoring the car will cost tens ...
30.11.2010 16:44
None of the witnesses to the murder recognized Yevhen Tymchenko, who was suspected in the murder near Livoberezhna subway station in Kyiv. Police are looking for the maniac.
30.11.2010 12:39
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