13.01.2011 16:13

Tours to Kyiv's historic mansions will be arranged by UEFA EURO 2012

Vintage mansions in Kyiv will see a new life: the authorities want to adapt them for guided tours during UEFA EURO 2012, the Segodnia newspaper reported.

Oleksandr Bryhynets, head of the city council commission on culture, says with this purpose in view, almost in every old building, something attractive for tourists will be created: gift shops, museums, small hotels and restaurants.

"The main thing is that these buildings would not be rebuilt, because monuments cannot be altered. Large exhibitions cannot be staged there. But, for example, the idea of small museums, such as Malevich, has been put forward. Those will not be his paintings, but an exhibition related to the artist's life. Or a museum of the middle-class interior is also a good idea," Bryhynets said.

The list of private residences for this purpose will include 30-40 most famous historic buildings, among them the Castle of Baron and the house of Sikorsky on Yaroslaviv Val, the famous Pink House and others. In general, house repairs will be done at the expense of investors who, according to the commission for culture, will buy out them, restore and maintain. ForUm

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