14.12.2010 15:33

Parliament passes draft budget 2011 in first reading


The Verkhovna Rada has adopted a resolution on the approval of the draft state budget of Ukraine for 2011 in principle.

Further, the document will be considered by the people's deputies at committees and parliamentary factions. The opposition has already announced intention to make several thousand amendments to the document.

As Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn noted, the formation and providing suggestions to the draft budget will last till December 19, 2010 at the latest.

For its part, the parliamentary budget committee, together with representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers must complete the suggestions and amendments for the second reading until December 22.

Consideration of draft laws on the 2011 budget and amending the budget code in the second reading and their approval in principle is to be held by December 24.

Under to the draft state budget for 2011, budget revenues for 2011 are projected at UAH 281.464.879.4 billion (USD 1 - UAH 7.95). General fund budget revenues are UAH 238.581.192.9 billion; special fund revenues - UAH 42.883.686.5 billion.

Budget expenditures for 2011 are expected at UAH 321.948.850.3 billion, including the expenses of the general fund - UAH billion, special fund - UAH 42.821 830.5 billion.

The 2011 budget deficit is planned at the level of UAH 38.6 billion or 3.1%. 

* * *

The draft state budget of Ukraine for 2011 provides for receipts from land payment in the amount of 10 billion 993.5 million UAH (21 USD - 7.95 UAH). This is stated in a memorandum to the bill on the state budget for next year, which is considered by parliament in first reading.

According to the document, the receipts are due to increasing area on which monetary valuation of land was conducted, rent increase as a result of the registration of right for permanent ownership and use, inventory of land granted for use and rent, review of the agreements on land lease and rental rates, increase in land tax rates for land, monetary valuation of which has not been done, by a factor of 3.2.

In particular, the forecast amount of land tax from legal entities will be 2 billion 811.6 million UAH, from individuals 317.5 million UAH; land rent from legal entities 6 billion 766.2 million UAH, individuals 978.2 million UAH. 

Raising of excise for alcohol, tobacco envisaged in budget 2011 since January 1

The draft state budget for 2011 provides for raising excises for strong drinks and tobacco products, the draft law "On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2011" reads.

The explanatory note to the document says that the Tax Code confirms an increase of rates since January 1, 2011, for ethyl alcohol, strong drinks and tobacco products by 6.9%, which was determined by the Cabinet's instruction of June 28, 2010.

In particular, for filter cigarettes an excise is raised from UAH 90 to UAH 96.21 per 1,000, for non-filter cigarettes - from UAH 40.25 to UAH 43.03. For liqueurs and spirits - from UAH 39.4 to UAH 42.12 per one liter of 100% spirits (1 USD - 7.95 UAH). UKRINFORM

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