10.12.2010 12:56

President calls for continuation of judicial reform


Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has stressed the need to continue the judicial reform and said that the country's judicial system currently got closer to the best international and European standards. He announced this at the oath taking ceremony for judges in Kyiv on Thursday.

Yanukovych said that international experts, particularly those from the Venice Commission and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, had paid attention to the need to reform the Ukrainian judicial system.

The president said that Ukraine had already managed to establish close cooperation in the activities of the courts of different instances, judicial authorities and bodies that play an important role in the issues of judicial career and the responsibility of judges.

The improvement of procedural legislation has established prerequisites for the formation of a single position between the courts, the president said. The drawbacks of legal regulation have been removed, which helped the Higher Council of Justice to quickly respond to the violations by judges of their oath.

He said that the judicial reform was being implemented in the right direction.

The president noted that one of the priorities of the current authorities was the formation of an independent and effective justice system. He said that a priority was the creation of fair courts accessible to all citizens, as well as the activities of judges that correspond to the European and international standards. "Such courts will be a key institution of civil society," he said.

Yanukovych said that it was necessary to continue the judicial reform. In his opinion, in particular, an important factor in the judicial reform is to increase the role of courts in criminal proceedings.

"A fundamentally important aspect of the reform is to strengthen the fight against corruption in the judicial system," the president said. UKRINFORM

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