01.12.2010 17:25

Ukraine's Tax Code criticized due to poor awareness campaign, says premier


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine wants to improve the awareness campaign about the tax reform, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said.

"The awareness and information activities concerning the tax reform were very poor... the government will make the necessary conclusions and organize an awareness-raising campaign," the prime minister said opening a government meeting on Wednesday.

According to him, the authorities failed to effectively respond to false statements by opponents of the reform.

"Our opponents focused on individual flaws in this document, and painted all the positive aspects of the tax reform black. And our information services and responsible officials failed to deliver to every citizen an objective and true point picture," Azarov said.

The premier said he was convinced that it was necessary to respond to the situation, as without a good information campaign all reforms are doomed to failure.

* * *

The opposition believes that the parliament will not consider the president's veto of the Tax Code this week and continue its work next week on the discussion of the code.

"I think that the veto will not be discussed. You'll see – neither on Thursday nor on Friday. This is linked to the fact that there is no an agreed position even in the cabinet, presidential administration and the profile parliamentary committee. It is impossible to start discussing proposals that don't exist," the deputy leader of the BYT-Batkivschyna faction, Serhiy Sobolev, told journalists on Wednesday.

He said that the issue would be postponed for the next week, which was likely to be a plenary week.

"We understand that all terms for the adoption of the budget have been frustrated, and next week we'll see an answer to a question of what the president intended when he vetoed the law," he said. Interfax-Ukraine

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