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Tymoshenko to help Ukraine overcome deadlock?!


On Monday, October 11, leader of the party Batkivschyna Yulia Tymoshenko took part in the program ‘Svoboda Slova’ on the ICTV channel. The topic of the program was "What threatens democracy in Ukraine?".

The leader of the party Batkivschyna Yulia Tymoshenko believes that the next elections to the Verkhovna Rada will be a turning point in the life of the country. She is convinced that now the society together with the oppositional parties should work out a package of key bills that will ensure the stable development of the country.

Yulia Tymoshenko urges citizens to support the opposition at the elections to local authorities. "I know that you have different preferences. Choose any party, political force which is now in opposition, no matter which one is closer to the heart, but show the authority hat you do not like either Tax code (3,000 entrepreneurs protested against it in Zaporizhzhia a few days ago). Show them that you do not like the situation with prices, which is based on the issue of blank money"- the leader of the party Batkivschyna said.

Yulia Tymoshenko believes that the government manipulates the statistical indicators, to avoid the need to fulfill its social obligations to citizens. "Today, every day, price tags are changed 2-3 times a day. All the vegetables are more expensive at least twice compared to last year," - she said.

"There is a figure in the report of the State statistics committee that over the past two months prices have increased by 2,9 percents. You know, why is this figure?" There are two reasons: firstly, they want to hide the hyperinflation, and secondly, they do not want to conduct the indexation of pensions, wages and all welfare payments, which are necessary according to the law"- she said.

She also reported according to experts, the real inflation is 58,7 percents in the country.

The leader of the party Batkivschyna Yulia Tymoshenko promises to return back everything that the government is selling. According to her, she was talking about the objects that have been sold during the last 5-6 months. Based on the reports of sites Tymoshenko.UA, Ukrainskaya pravda


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