21.06.2010 12:48

Zhvania punched Lutsenko in guts: People’s Self-Defense to be liquidated?!


This week a decision will be made on the liquidation of the group People's Self-Defense in the Verkhovna Rada, told the leader of the People's Self-Defense Yuri Lutsenko in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant-Ukraine.

"Most of our members support it. Too many traitors. This is not the fault of those who remained to be the real politicians, but nevertheless, we believe that it has discredited the project seriously. Therefore the parliamentary project People's Self-Defense will obviously announce its elimination, "- said Yuri Lutsenko.

Yuri Lutsenko also said that after the elimination of People's Self Defense the decision will be made to merge the party with “a real political oppositional force, which sticks to their ideological beliefs, regardless of the mine methods of power."

The transition of representatives of People's Self-Defense in the coalition Stability and Reforms is connected with attempts by some of them to save their business, said Yuri Lutsenko, commenting on the transition to a coalition of six members of the Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense: Valeri Borisov, Davyd Zhvania, Volodymyr Marushchenko, Oleh Novikov, Serhii Kharovskyi and Viktor Shemchuk. "For me it is a serious blow, a blow in guts. Probably, one of the most serious in recent times", - admitted the former head of the Interior Ministry.

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