22.04.2010 17:41

Yushchenko: Ukraine has become Russia's lackey


Ukraine has been included into the category of “strategic Russian lackey”, commented on the results of agreements reached in Kharkiv between Viktor Yanukovych and Dmitri Medvedev, the leader of Our Ukraine, President in 2005-2010 Viktor Yushchenko in an interview with Channel 5, the press service of Our Ukraine informed MIGnews.com.ua about it.

The former head of state says the reduction in gas prices due to the continuation of stationing of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory is a capitulation. "Instead of cheap gas, which discredits the country in the economic way, which brings us back from the competitive opportunities, the most sacred thing for every nation, the sovereignty and independence are on the scale. I do not understand such an exchange", - claimed Viktor Yushchenko.

Former President of Ukraine believes that issue of security can never be equal to the issue of economic expediency – it is two different categories, said the leader of Our Ukraine. “So, when they report on the achievement of low gas prices in exchange for a military occupation, I cannot welcome such arrangements either as a citizen or a politician."

Viktor Yushchenko claimed that such arrangements first of all violate the Basic Law, because Article 17 of the Constitution has a peremptory rule, which is not discussed either by the President or MPs: "The stationing of foreign military bases is prohibited on the territory of Ukraine."

Regarding the probability of a bilateral ratification in the State Duma and in the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian-Russian treaty, Viktor Yushchenko claimed that only this can be prevented only due to the joint efforts of intellectuals, politicians, the public, and journalists.


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