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Yanukovych: Ukraine fell head downwards, but it to rise! Details


Today the President of Ukraine has held a meeting with representatives of Ukrainian mass media, which is devoted to the 50 days of Viktor Yanukovych’s tenure of presidential office. It was supposed initially that only regional journalists would take part in the press conference. However, the President insisted that "everyone who wants must attend the conference."

Viktor Yanukovych, in particular, stated: "The last five years of squabbles led the country to a factual collapse in many spheres of life, and during the past two years the economic system of Ukraine had been destructed”.

The Head of state reminded that the government was not subordinated to the President or the Parliament of Ukraine. He claimed that in 2009 alone the fall in GDP was 15 percents, and the fall of production – 22 percents. "As they say, we fell head downwards compared with our neighbors," - stated the President of Ukraine.

"Negotiations with the Russian Federation have been long and very difficult. And if the previous gas contract was not signed for 10 years (by the government of Yulia Tymoshenko - editor.), it would be much easier to negotiate," – claimed President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. "This price was too high. This price had to be taken into account in the municipal services and the rates, prices for all consumer goods and bread. Our chemical industry was uncompetitive - he said. - Budget revenues were under threat."

"The Russians, of course, defended their own interests - continued Viktor Yanukovych. - And we could not give them gas-transport system, and we were not going to do it, and it would never happen, as some politicians say." "You have to understand that if we reduce (the price for gas - editor.), the enterprises begin to work, there are jobs for people, taxes are being paid, and we start paying high social standards", - he explained.

The President stressed one more time that it is necessary to modernize the Ukrainian gas transport system "in order to increase the pumping of gas." This project, according to him, has three degrees. "The first one is the construction of pipeline Bohorodchany-Uzhhorod", which will increase the volume of gas pumping approximately by 10 bn cu m. The second is the modernization of the existing gas transport system to install modern equipment, less power-intensive, which makes it possible to increase the pumping of gas, which also give an opportunity to pump 20 bn cu. m. of gas. The third stage is in fact, new construction of a new pipe next to the existing one, which makes it possible to raise the volume of gas pumping. We offer it as an alternative to the construction of the project of the Eastern stream, because it is impossible already to stop the Nord Stream – it is under construction already"- told Viktor Yanukovych.

On April 21 Ukraine and Russia agreed to start paying rent for the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine in cash beginning from 2020, reported the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, noting that this money will be a discount in the price of gas. The Head of the state reminded that during these years Ukraine has never received cash money for the stationing of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. President of Ukraine reminded that he had repeatedly said that it is necessary to protect Ukrainian national interests and to receive from Russia proper amount for the stay of its fleet in Ukraine.

Viktor Yanukovych commented on the situation with OJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine. "At first, Naftogaz was made the donors of the economy, then it was driven to bankruptcy. But if we lose it today - we will lose everything" - told the Head of the state. However, he promises that "authorities will save Naftogaz." "It will be balanced at 100 percents because Naftogaz is the heritage and the main value of the state"- Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

04:43 pm Ukraine intends to sell nuclear fuel to Europe, along with Russia, said President Viktor Yanukovych. "We plan to build a plant for production of fuel elements. We are negotiating now" - he said. The President also pointed out that the scientists asked to abandon the highly enriched uranium.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych wants to return value added tax (VAT) automatically. "Administration of this tax is the most corrupted in our country, so I will do my best to return it automatically”, promised the Head of the state, reminding that the debts for unrecovered VAT is around 20 bn.

In addition, Viktor Yanukovych reported the government would audit the work of their predecessors. "I mean violation when issuing loans under government guarantees, violations of public procurement, inefficient use of funds to fight the flu and the purchase of medical equipment, abuse of the VAT," - said the Head of State.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych claims that the decrease in prices for Russian gas will not let increase its price to the public and rates for housing and communal services in 2010. "It (reducing gas prices - editor.) will give us an opportunity not to increase rates for gas and municipal services this year" - he said. He also added that the supplement to the agreement on gas contracts has adjusted the issues relating to penalties for shortage of gas.

To date, the Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine initiated more than 30 cases on the fact of embezzlement of budgetary funds, reported President Viktor Yanukovych.

"The funds received by Ukraine under the Kyoto Protocol have been stolen. We are waiting for the shame, - he said. - Soon the Kyoto group will come and check it."

The President has once again criticized the previous government, stressing that the country is in a terrible state, particularly in the agricultural sector. "We have not found 333,000 tons of grain, which were registered," - summed up Viktor Yanukovych.

The Head of the state intends to hold regular meetings with reporters, as he said at a press conference with representatives of Ukrainian media.

In particular, when asked the question regarding the need for a referendum on continuation-of the stationing of the Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea, the President said: "As soon as the legislative base is done for the referendum, of course, we will discuss it with the people."

The main priority of Ukraine will be the integration into the European Union, which means that the foreign policy of our country will not change, claimed President Viktor Yanukovych.

Prepared by Yulia Mishchenko, Yulia Makoveeva, MIGnews.com.ua


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