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Car from motorcade of Yanukovych has traffic accident! Casualties! VIDEO. PHOTOS


Ambulance car from the motorcade of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has had a traffic accident. The accident occurred at the exit from the avenue Mykoly Bazhana at the Boryspil highway, reports Ukrainskaya Pravda with reference to its sources.

The motorcade was heading for the airport Boryspil, where the President of Ukraine flew to a meeting with president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

According to sources, the ambulance car collided with a jeep. Casualties are possible.

As a reminder, movements of Viktor Yanukovych are accompanied by blocking of streets, and the motorcade goes at high speed.

12:41 am According to recent data, minibus Volkswagen from the motorcade of President collided with a car VAZ 2110. The driver of the car died.

As of 11:45 am the team of the Emergencies Ministry has arrived, which is trying to take the passenger out of the car with special who is blocked in the back seat of VAZ car. He is conscious.

12:53 am A spokesman for the Kyiv Traffic Police reported that there was a side collision. As a result of an accident one person in the car VAZ-2110 died, and two from this car are injured. No one was injured in the ambulance car, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

The Traffic Police have not confirmed the information whether it was an ambulance from the motorcade of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

01:15 pm However, the press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine denies reports that one of the cars of the presidential motorcade had a traffic accident on Bazhana Avenue in Kyiv. The head of the press service of Ministry of Ukraine’s Interior Ministry Dmytro Andreev confirmed the fact of traffic accident in Kyiv on the Kharkivska Square. The ambulance car, which was moving along the main road, collided with a car VAZ-21010, which went from a secondary road. As a result of the accident one person died, two are injured, according to RBC-Ukraine. However, the presidential motorcade is not elated to this traffic accident, stressed Dmytro Andreev.

It will be already the fifth meeting of presidents of Ukraine and Russia within previous two months. It will take place in Kharkiv today. The president of Russia will pay a one-day visit to Kharkiv on invitation of President of Ukraine.

04:41 pm The head of travelling guard service of Viktor Yanukovych, as well as members of the special unit Alpha are at the scene.

04:42 pm The car, which is involved in the accident, was thrown at 20 meters. The victim was a taxi driver - the yellow signal sign of taxi Fortune was on the VAZ car, which collided with a motorcade from the ambulance.

The dead taxi driver was taken out of the car and put on the grass near the accident scene. Taxi passenger, who was taken out of the car using special equipment, was taken by the ambulance. The third victim was the driver of the car ambulance, who was given the first aid at the scene - a special tool was given for his neck.

About fifty representatives of the police were at the scene, who began to conduct investigation and drawing up of the traffic accident. According to the location of objects on the trafficway, the taxi crossed the trajectory of the ambulance motorcade with the right side. The ambulance was moving at extremely high speed. Consequently, the ambulance stretched car taxi for about 20 meters. VAZ car is completely destroyed. Airbags worked in the ambulance car. The taxi had no airbags.

Principal Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Kostiantyn Stohnii confirmed that one man died and two others were injured in the traffic accident on the square not far from the entry to the Boryspil highway, according to ForUm.

At the same time, the advisor to the Interior Ministry underlined that the ambulance car was not in the motorcade. "It moved at a distance of about a thousand meters behind the motorcade - he noted. - It is still being verified, but apparently, it followed to the airport. Now we establish what clinic has such an ambulance, why it was going there. Motorcade passed and not even knew about it. The information that the ambulance was from the motorcade, is not true. According to Kostiantyn Stohnii, the criminal proceedings have been instituted on the death of man.

05:38 pm According to Ukrainskaya pravda, the ambulance car from the motorcade of President Viktor Yanukovych is included into the State Administration of Affairs – it has the number AA 0549 AA. In accordance with the database of Traffic Police, it is the car Volkswagen Transporter, which is registered “in the clinical hospital of the State administration of Affairs."

At the same time, a source in the Traffic Police told the newspaper Segodnya, how it happened. The presidential motorcade passed through the crossroad at high speed. The car of Traffic Police brought up the rear with green flashing light (it is a signal that the column had passed).

However, the traffic policeman was standing at a crossroads, he lifted up the baton, thereby prohibiting the entrance to the crossroad for cars from all directions (except, of course, the Volkswagen from the presidential motorcade, and for which the crossroad was released).

However, the driver of the taxi for some unknown reason did not pay attention to the gesture of the traffic policeman and drove to the crossroad where minibus taxi run into it and dragged it for a dozen meters. The motorcade ran away, because it is forbidden to stop it under any circumstances.



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