18.01.2010 17:03

Tyhypko not interested in being NBU governor


Presidential candidate, former governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Serhiy Tyhypko says that he is not interested in the post of the NBU governor at the moment. He said this during live broadcast at the Ukraina TV channel, Ukrainian News news agency reports.

"I can say it right now: the post of the National Bank's governor has no interest for me," Tyhypko said.

He mentioned that the position of the NBU governor is not a political post, that is why it is unsuitable for him as party leader now.

At the same time, Tyhypko believes that the issue of replacement of the NBU governor is timely and that a new President should promptly propose to the Verkhovna Rada a new candidate to replace current NBU governor Volodymyr Stelmakh.

As a reminder, on January 14, Tyhypko accused Stelmakh of his open support to President Victor Yuschenko under conditions of confrontation between the President and the Cabinet of Ministers.

Five-year term of National Bank Governor Volodymyr Stelmakh expired on December 16, 2009.

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