17.12.2009 09:45

Tymoshenko’s petitioners went to IMF again


Acting Minister of Finance of Ukraine Ihor Umansky and Deputy Finance Minister Anatoly Myarkovsky on the official delegation flew to Washington for another round of talks at the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund, reported on the website of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

On December 17 the leadership of the Ministry of Finance and the IMF will hold a meeting. "The meeting with the IMF will be held during the visit, during which position of sides will be discussed, in particular, on revising the terms of stand-by program and fiscal policies of the government in 2009-2010" – is stated in the report.

Also, according to the report on the site, currently commitments of Ukrainian side remain in force in relations with the IMF within the framework of stand-by program in accordance with the previously signed letter of intent and memorandum on economic and financial policies of July 23, 2009, reported proUA.

As a reminder, the Ukrainian authorities are struggling to obtain US $2.37 mn (SDR 1,5 bn) from the IMF before the end of 2009.

In autumn 2008 IMF decided to allocate credits to Ukraine within the framework of stand-by program in the amount of US $17 bn. Over the past time Kyiv has already received three tranches loans amounting to almost US $11 bn.

Allocation of the fourth tranche loan in the amount of US $3.8 bn was planned for November following the results of the third revision of the program. The mission of the Fund completed its work in Kyiv in late October, but did not make any positive statement about the completion of the review. The IMF repeatedly claimed in public that he expects for the formation of a consolidated position of the Ukrainian authorities in the realization of anti-crisis actions.



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