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Yushchenko’s poisoning: President to undergo tests again? (updated at 05:46 pm)


The interim investigative Committee of the Verkhovna Rada for inquiry of poisoning of the presidential candidate Victor Yushchenko initiates re-analysis of the Head of State. The chairman of the Committee at the Verkhovna Rada, a MP from faction Party of Regions Volodymyr Syvkovych told about that making a report in the Verkhovna Rada.

According to him, the Committee recommends the Parliament to ask the General Prosecutor’s Office to make such an examination. "To recommend the General Prosecutor’s Office to choose all the necessary biological samples of Yushchenko for the analysis and examinations in Ukraine on the basis of a certified laboratory of dioxin Center of the Institute of Hygiene and Toxicology, and attract foreign experts" - said the deputy.

The committee asks the Verkhovna Rada to recommend the General Prosecutor’s Office to change the membership of the investigative task force to investigate the poisoning of Yushchenko, and to institute criminal proceedings against its current leader Halyna Klimovych for abuses and violations during the investigation of this and previous cases, Ukrainian News reported.

As a reminder, in late September the interim investigative committee for investigation of circumstances of Viktor Yushchenko’s poisoning in 2004 demanded from the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Security Service of Ukraine to initiate a criminal case for falsification of poisoning of President with dioxin.

The materials of the committee testify about the urgent need to check information that Victor Yushchenko's blood samples were transported to the United States, where it was concentrated with dioxin. Later blood, which was divided into factions, was delivered to Austria, to the Central Hospital of Vienna, and later – it was sent to the laboratory to the Netherlands by male anonymously. The investigative committee considers the investigation biased one.

Victor Yushchenko believes that the establishment of the Verkhovna Rada committee is directed at the delaying of the criminal investigation of the case on poisoning.

In early June 2008 the General Prosecutor’s Office claimed about the incontestability of Victor Yushchenko’s poisoning in 2004.

05:46 p.m. The Verkhovna Rada did not approve the report of the Interim investigative committee on the investigation of the poisoning of the presidential candidate Victor Yushchenko in 2004, and on ascertaining the causes and identifying people responsible for the delay with an investigation of the case and transfer of materials to the court.

MP from the Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense (OU-PSD) Yuri Karmazin suggested "to hear the report of Prosecutor General and decide on the responsibility of the Prosecutor General office, as the President himself cannot comment on his case."

Volodymyr Sivkovych proposed "to recommend to the leadership of the Prosecutor's General Office immediately to change the staff of the investigative task force with the simultaneous initiation of criminal proceedings against Klymovych for her abuses committed during the investigation of both the previous and current cases on the poisoning”, but the MPs did not support the proposal.

After that, deputy from OU-PSD Vyacheslav Kyrylenko made a proposal to terminate the activities of the Interim investigative committee, but it also was not approved.

According to the Vice Speaker Mykola Tomenko, the Interim investigative committee will provide a report on the poisoning of Victor Yushchenko in a year.

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