26.11.2010 16:14

Ukrainian women won Turchin Cup


Yesterday, on November 25 in Brovary 13th Cup in memory of the legendary handball coach Ihor Turchin has finished. Ukrainian team led by Leonid Yevtushenko gained a victory over the team from Belarus in the final game which also won two start matches, with a score 32:28.

Yulia Manaharov threw eight balls, Anastasia Podpalova and Viktoria Borschenko threw six balls. The team of Azerbaijan ranked the third, which in the last meeting beat Lithuania.

As a result of the competition the best player in the Turchin Cup was named Regina Shimkute. The best scorer was the Belarusian handball Valentina Yankovskaya, and the best goalkeeper - Valentina Salamakha from Azerbaijan, Podrobnosti reports.

Ukraine - Belarus - 32:28 (16:15)

Ukraine’s goals: Manaharova (8), Podpalova (6/2), Borschenko (6/1), Shimkute (3), Turkalo (3), Shienko (3), Nikolaenko (1), Zoria (1), Bakhireva (1).

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