24.11.2010 12:34

Donaire scares Sydorenko with knock-out


28-year-old Filipino Nonito Donaire has admitted that before the fight against former world lightweight champion Volodymyr Sydorenko scheduled for December 4 the opportunity to become the first boxer, who has managed to gain a victory over Ukrainian ahead of time, motivates him.

"I always try to win by knockout – this is the best victory for boxer - Fightnews.com cites Filipino as saying. - I do not want to be presumptuous and to make bold statements, but I think this idea advances me. Regardless of the fact whether I will win by decision of referees or by knockout, I want to be the first to be able to knock him out. I want it, and I will try to do it, when I get this opportunity."

"And if it fails, I am smart enough and I know that Robert (Garcia, a coach of Filipino - editor.) gives me the right advice what to do in the ring. I believe in Robert, in my seconds, and my ability to be reconstructed in if necessary, to gain a victory over the opponent, " Podrobnosti cites Nonito Donaire as saying.


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