10.12.2010 10:38

Turchynov shown recording of TV program featuring Lutsenko during questioning at PGO


The first deputy head of the Batkivschyna Party and former First Deputy Prime Minister, Oleksandr Turchynov, was asked to comment on the statements by ex-minister of interior affairs Yuriy Lutsenko in the frames of Lutsenko's case during the questioning at the main investigation department of the Prosecutor General's Office.

"A lot of questions again. I was offered to watch together with the investigators a recording of Shuster live TV program featuring Yuriy Lutsenko's comments on this matter. I had to watch this exciting telecast. As I understand, Mr. Shuster (TV presenter Savik Shuster) is a very popular man with the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine. Because his TV programs are used as evidence or arguments on a case," Turchynov told reporters on Thursday after the interrogation, which lasted nearly three hours.

The official said that he answered the questions of investigator ы related to Lutsenko's statements.

Turchynov was summoned to the main investigation department of the Prosecutor General's Office for questioning on November 11, 2010. He told reporters that an investigator had questioned him as a witness in a case on charges brought against former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko regarding the embezzlement of funds.

The Security Service of Ukraine has already questioned Turchynov as a witness in the case on the customs clearance of natural gas, on September 8, 20 and 22. Interfax-Ukraine

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