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Wikileaks provoked Lutsenko: Part of Chornobyl reactor were exported to Iran


The website Wikileaks, specializing in the publication of secret information, published tens of thousands of files from an online archive containing correspondence of the State Department with U.S. embassies abroad.

Ukraine also is mentioned in the unique collection of confidential files with its backstage side of orange epoch. However, not Wikileaks, but commentary of the ex-Interior Minister, the leader of the party People's Self-Defense Yuri Lutsenko has made a sensation in the air of TV NewsOne, in which he gives a description of the publications on the website. During the presidency of Viktor Yuschenko parts of reactor were exported to Iran from the Chornobyl nuclear power plant ... (!).

When the NewsOne reporters asked how Interior Minister Yurii Lutsenko talked with ambassadors of the United States of America, he told (we quote): "I even had breakfast in his kitchen with him (ambassador of the United States – editor.). For example, I did not tell them that reactors were imported to Oran from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (!!!). I reported Yuschenko, but he did not even realize what happened ... Traffic policemen accidentally apprehended the last batches of iron with radiation background. When they examined the iron, it turned out that it were remains of a cooling jacket of the reactor, which … on purpose through Mykolayivskyi port".

It is not known what has happened with that component of the nuclear reactor, and whether it has been delivered in Iran. This information will hardly be published on the website Wikileaks.

The website Wikileaks posted the documents of the American Embassy, where it states, in particular, that the General Prosecutor Oleksandr Medvedko entrusted Yurii Lutsenko to arrest supporters of Yulia Tymoshenko Oleksandr Turchynov and Andrei Kozhemiakyn. The motivation was that they allegedly destroyed the documents of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), which indicated the relationship of Yulia Tymoshenko with the criminal businessman Semion Mohylevych. Yurii Lutsenko called the order of Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko crazy one and did not fulfill it.

Yurii Lutsenko himself makes no secret: “In 2006, General Prosecutor’s Office instituted criminal proceedings against the leaders of BYuT (Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko) Turchynov and Kozhemiakyn. The case was politically motivated for Yuschenko and Yanukovych in the swing of parliamentary elections."

According to him, "the Interior Ministry, which had not been informed about any details of the criminal case, received an invitation from the General Prosecutor’s Office to conduct investigative activities against Turchynov and Kozhemiakyn. "After a short time Turchynov and Kozhemiakyn won all the courts, which proved the absurdity of the charges," - said Yurii Lutsenko.

The criminal case is closed under Article 6, paragraph 2, "the lack of elements of crime," and Oleksandr Medvedko adduced a public excuse to Andrii Kozhemiakyn, reminded Yurii Lutsenko. "Such frank politically oriented case has raised questions from several representatives of foreign embassies, in particular, the American ambassador. I, as a politician and Interior Minister, gave his explanations: the use of General Prosecutor's Office in this case was not only absurd but harmful to the reputation of the state"- said the former Minister.

He does not see any reason why the information on this criminal case has appeared right now, since it has been published, among many others on the website Wikileaks: "Among other things, there was correspondence of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, so there was nothing surprising for me that the ambassador who had a job - to collect information in the host country, received formal and informal explanation of what happened in the context of the election campaign with the use of General Prosecutor’s Office. I consider such methods of using the prosecutor's office against political figures both at that time and today crazy ones".

Yuri Lutsenko stressed in the commentary for the TV channel NewsOne: "The search activities had been carried out. Three months later, they won all the courts, and Medvedko personally apologized to them at the parliamentary committee. I speak openly … including to the American ambassador."

By the way, TV channel NewsOne managed to get a commentary also from the press attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine James Wolf: "The U.S. State Department and the embassy do not comment on the materials and documents that have been published."


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