25.11.2010 13:38

Lviv mayor protests against mayor of Kharkiv


City chairman of Lviv Andrii Sadovyi filed a protest against the mayor of Kharkiv Hennadii Kernes "due to the rough and the public destruction of a memorial plate devoted to Patriarch Joseph Slipyi", according to the press service of the Lviv city council.

"This is inadmissible act of vandalism, which caused outrage of not only believers of the Ukrainian Byzantine-rite Catholic Church of Ukraine but also of the entire Ukrainian community. On behalf of the community of the city of Lviv, I appeal to the authorities of Kharkiv with an urgent demand to stop these and other acts of outrage upon Ukrainian monuments in Kharkov. If the Ukrainian government allows anti-Ukrainian chauvinistic organizations to behave themselves in such way, it will lead to the natural resistance of the Ukrainians ", - UNIAN cites Andrii Sadovyi as saying.

Help. A memorial plate devoted to the Patriarch of the Ukrainian Byzantine-rite Catholic Church, Joseph Slipyi was established in Kharkiv in 2005 during the congress of the World Congress of Ukrainians in the former prison. It now belongs to the police station in Leninskyi district of Kharkiv. After the first removal in 2008 the plate was restored at the expense of the Union of Ukrainian Youth and Hnat Hotkevych Foundation. For the second time Joseph Slipyi was broken on November 12, 2010.

Joseph Slipyi (real name Kobernytskyi-Dychkovskyi) was born in 1892. After the death of Metropolitan Andrii Sheptytskyi in late 1944, he became the head of the Galician metropolis. Together with other Ukrainian Catholic church hierarchs in April 1945, Joseph Slipyi was arrested by Soviet authorities and sentenced to 8 years of correctional labor. He spent 18 years of life in the camps of Siberia and Mordovia.


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