24.11.2010 16:00

40 criminal cases are opened against team of Chernovetskyi


The criminal cases against Liudmyla Kachurova, Ruslan Kukharenko, Svetlana Makeeva, Volodymyr Asadchev and other officials of the Kyiv mayor's office and leaders of the municipal enterprise will be transferred to the court in a week. And all the cases, opened against the Kyiv city state administration, municipal enterprise and chief committees of city hall opened by police, prosecutor’s office and the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) will be in the court till the end of the year. There are about 40 cases. The guilt of all suspects is nearly proved.

The sources in law enforcement agencies have told about this. According to experts, the losses inflicted on the city, are estimated at hundreds of millions UAH. Only 9 of criminal cases which are being considered by the SBU Department in Kyiv, are referring to the losses amounting to 25 million US dollars. And the leaders of Kyivpastrans who are involved in the case opened by police, are accused of embezzling 30 million US dollars for the construction of express tram.

Ex-Deputy Prime Minister on coercive issues Volodymyr Sivkovych, who began working to identify violations in the Kyiv city state administration in June, told us that all cases are now being finalized, TSN reports.

Among those who are outside of Ukraine are the head of the Land Commission of Kyiv rada Oleksii Yevlakh. He is now in Germany. According to his entourage, he is treated in a private clinic for hypertension and diseases of the spine. But the source in the security agencies says that a deputy is wanted.

Former First deputy mayor Denis Bass is now in Kyiv. The criminal cases are opened in all directions which have been in charge of him. Main committee of transport, Kyivzelenstroi, the main financial directorate ... Six people were arrested for taking bribes. However, law enforcement agencies have not yet figured out whether Denis Bass is involved in these crimes"- said Volodymyr Sivkovych.

The investigation has no materials against Irena Kilchytska, who has been in charge of health care. Although her subordinate Liudmila Kachurova will appear before the court soon.

Now the prosecutor’s office has cases of illegal alienation of the shares in favor of structures that are related to the mayor's son in law, Viacheslav Suprunenko (Kyivmiskbud, Kyivhes, Kyivvodocanal, Kyivenerho, Kyivkhlib, Kyivmlyn).

"Distribution of shares had begun before Leonid Chernovetskyi got the power. In addition, there are no signatures of his relatives on the document and the signature of the mayor appears only on the documents endorsed by multiple services, in this case there comes a collective responsibility. Mayor is a very intelligent person, "- said Volodymyr Sivkovych.


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