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Striptease at Boryspil airport: employees scanning genitals of passengers. Photo


Ukrainians may join Americans who intend to boycott body scanners at the airport. Ukrainian priests are already protesting against the equipment. The only in Ukraine body scanners are located at the airport Boryspil - five in the terminal B and three in the terminal F, writes Segodnya.

Scandalous devices are located in a closed room. Unauthorized persons are not admitted there. The terminal F has three monitors. The chest and genitals are seen on the women’s pictures, as well as men’s parts of the body. "The face of the passenger is closed with a sport for special reasons, so no one can identify a person. The pictures are shown only on the monitor and then are removed. Therefore, it is impossible to print someone's silhouette and say that it is precisely this passenger or that one," - says Oksana Ozhyhova, press secretary of the Boryspil airport.

Radio-wave scanner sees everything on the human body - but if, for example, passenger swallows a brilliant, the scanner will not detect it - because it does not examine the internal organs.

Radiation of scanner, as experts of the airport say, 10 thousand times smaller than the radiation of mobile phone. Experts disagree with it. "This radiation is ten times stronger than the ultrasonic examination. Airport staff can face problems with health," - says physiologist Valerii Mirhorodskyi.

The passenger has no right to refuse from checkup at the body scanner - otherwise he will not be allowed to fly on the place. An exception may be made only for pregnant women and those people who have with pacemaker. In this case one must show a certificate. Such passengers will be checked in another way. But experts in the Boryspil say that passengers have never refused from body scanning.

The scanner examines only the human body, but not the internal organs, such as X-ray machine. Previously, airports had devices that operated on the basis of X-ray scanning. But they are banned because they can harm the health, they are not applied now.


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