15.11.2010 11:02

Lutsenko: I am not expert in oral sex


Director of the PR Department of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Dmytro Andreev says that the adviser of the Interior Minister Kostiantyn Stohnii punched in the face of ex-Interior Minister Yurii Lutsenko, on Friday evening, November 12, after a talk show, ‘Shuster Live’. He said this to journalists on Saturday, November 13, the newspaper Zerkalo nedeli writes. At the end of the program Stohnii and Hutsaliuk (policeman – editor.) came out of the studio. At the time when they were talking about the queue to get an apartment, Mr. Lutsenko said that one could get the apartment if ... well, let's say, one has an oral contact with the Interior Minister"- said Dmytro Andreev.

Today it is reported that former Interior Minister Yurii Lutsenko did not fight with the advisor of the Interior Minister, Kostiantyn Stohnii. Former official told about this in the program "Black and White" on the TV channel TVi. "Stohnii had a squabble with MP Hrymchak, he could not gain a victory over him by means of intellect and attacked him with fists,” - told Yurii Lutsenko.

According to him, then Kostiantyn Stohnii "understood that it could be ended with criminal proceedings". “Then he invented a naive story, allegedly attacked me"- said Yurii Lutsenko." I had no talk with him. There was a video camera, please, watch it"- said the politician. Ex-Minister also denied reports that he suggested "oral contact with the Interior Minister".

In turn, the adviser to the Interior Minister, Kostiantyn Stohnii cannot say anything precisely about the fight after the program "Shuster live" on Friday evening, November 12, because it lasted only about ten seconds. Kostiantyn Stohnii in general confirmed, "a police version” of the incident, which was announced on Saturday, November 13, by the Director of Public Relations Department at the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Dmytro Andreev. However, he was less confident speaking about the “punch in the face” of ex-Interior Minister Yurii Lutsenko.

"On that evening I left the television center with a man who was first in queue for housing, and then, when Yurii Lutsenko was appointed as Interior Minister, he became the 66th. And he said to me:" Help me, I was the first… Perhaps there is some sort of protection for me to get some dwelling? I cannot live in the fire station. "We are going out into the street, and Yurii Lutsenko and 12 guards are standing there”, - told Kostiantyn Stohnii.

According to him, the police officer asked: "What should I do?" “And then I heard a voice of Lutsenko: "Well, you should… I cannot cite it"- said Kostiantyn Stohnii. Adviser to the Minister explained that he could not stand this," because they made the police veteran a fool”.

"I tried to calm down this man (Yurii Lutsenko – editor.) but the guards prevented to do this. Scuffle occurred”, Kostiantyn Stohnii told.

Later, MP Yurii Hrymchak said that Yurii Lutsenko was not involved in the fight. He accused the police (and all authorities at the same time) in the desire to build a country "based on violence and lies." Yurii Hrymchak also appealed to police and the General Prosecutor's Office, with a statement on the criminal proceedings against Kostiantyn Stohnii. Based on materials of Ukrainian Pravda, Zerkalo nedeli



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