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02.11.2010 11:41

Ex-Deputy Defense Minister Ivaschenko is left in custody


The General Prosecutor’s Office has completed a pre-trial criminal investigation on charges of ex-First Deputy Defense Minister Valerii Ivaschenko with abuse of power while the approval of the reorganization plan for the sale of state enterprise of the Defense Ministry “Feodosia Marine Engineering Works” (Crimea), according to the press service of the General Prosecutor's Office.

Charges with abuse of power and complicity in the illegal alienation of the property during the reorganization of the plant are also presented to the administrator of the enterprise. Materials of a pretrial investigation are transferred on November 1 for the defendant to learn them. Both men are in custody.

According to the report, as a result of the sale of the plant to one of the commercial structures of the state Ukraine has been damaged in the amount of 70,9 million hryvnia, whereas previously reported loss of the state in the amount of 17 million hryvnia, Podrobnosti reports.

As a reminder, on August 24 court arrested Valerii Ivaschenko for 2 months until October 25, on October 18 the same court extended the detention for 2 months up to December 25. Both appeals on these decisions were rejected by the Kyiv Court of Appeal.

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