19.10.2010 12:09

Moroz knows about arrangements to burke Honhadze’s case


Detection of the crime, the so-called Honhadze’s case would characterize the current government in a good light, according to honorary head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Oleksandr Moroz in an interview with Glavred.

"Pay attention to the fact that there was a clumsy attempt to close the case. But it turned out that no one believes the investigation, and the answer should be given. It boils down to the content of the answer. Therefore, the current government should do it. Today the detection of the case by the current authorities would characterize it in a good light" - said Oleksandr Moroz.

Oleksandr Moroz also assumed that the Honhadze’s case has not been detected after the Orange Revolution because of the availability of certain arrangements between politicians.

"I can only guess, but these guesses seem to be close to the truth. Someone was very interested in the fact Yuschenko (ex-President of Ukraine, third President – editor.) would become President. And he could become President only in the case of introducing a law on the third round of the Presidential election. The law could be introduced by means of Kuchma’s (ex-President of Ukraine, second President – editor.) signature. And Leonid Kuchma agreed to sign it only in case of giving him a guarantee that he would not appear in the Honhadze’s case. Obviously, someone promised it, and someone was a guarantor. And these arrangements seem to exist even now. Someone appears in the case. Let the investigators find “someone”. It is easy, "- said Oleksandr Moroz.

As a reminder, in 2000 reporter Heorhii Honhadze disappeared. The police are investigating the case.

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