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Sex scandal with MP Liashko: Borys not loved him and Kolesnychenko saw something spicy


MIGnews.com.ua reported on sex scandal with a MP of BYuT (Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko) Oleh Liashko, who told about details of his sexual life with a man named Borys in the talk with an investigator (according to some sources, Borys is director of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Ukraine at the President Leonid Kravchuk Borys Sobolev).

Today Borys Sobolev mentioned in the mass media reports denies he knows Oleh Liashko and he told about it in a commentary for the newspaper Segodnya.

A MP of the Party of Regions faction Vadym Kolesnychenko made a sensational statement that he had seen even more immodest videos involving Oleh Liashko than those that have appeared recently on the Internet. "I learned about the video on the Internet from MPs of BYuT," - said the MP of the Regions Party.

"I had seen also immodest videos with him, - said Vadym Kolesnychenko. – One cannot imagine more disgusting PR. You have to understand that there is a struggle now in the BYuT. Out of 150 MPs of ByuT only 7-8 people have a normal attitude towards Liashko. This is not due to his orientation, but due to his moral qualities."

MP from opposition Hennadii Moskal says that only authorities could made the video public on the Internet. "Liashko appears often on the screen representing the BYuT. Authorities want to damage the image of the party by means of this mud - underlines the MP of the Bloc NU-NS (Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense) Hennadii Moskal. - If the Supreme Court reviewed his criminal case, the evidence had to be returned to the court of first instance and be stored there. There are no materials of the case in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Courts".

Hennadii Moskal is sure: "There is a political struggle. Who has access to the archives of courts, Interior Ministry, Security Service of Ukraine, Prosecutor's Office? Authorities… Let Liashko to request the prosecutor’s office or the court - who was given copies of his case and why".

Journalists will attend the press conference today which will be held by the MP Oleh Liashko.

02:56 pm Video of interrogation of Oleh Liashko was commented by Oleh Matveev, who was investigating the case against Oleh Liashko, working as investigator at the city prosecutor’s office. Now he holds the position of deputy head of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine: "This video was in the materials of the investigation. At that time prosecutor’s office of Kyiv investigated the criminal case against Liashko on large-scale fraud. He was sentenced to five years of imprisonment, served less than half of the period and was released on parole."

When asked how the sexual orientation of Oleh Liashko referred to the subject of an investigation, Oleh Matveev replied: "Liashko’s conviction expunged and it is not correct to divulge information. I do not surmise who might do it. At that time the case had been investigated as an ordinary case". Oleh Matveev refused to tell who Borys is, Gazeta po-kievski reports.

MP of ByuT Oleh Liashko is not going to give a press conference at which he promised to comment on the sexual scandal. MP told about it today on the sidelines of the parliament, reports the MIGnews.com.ua correspondent.

However, the MP promised to make a statement on the scandal. As for the video, commentary of Oleh Liashko was very short: "Do not spit into the well from which you will ever drink water."

By Yulia Makoveeva, MIGnews.com.ua

03:39 pm MP of BYuT Oleh Liashko says that video on the Internet with him is edited. He asks the General Prosecutor's Office to find out the author of fake video. He told about it in the commentary for Ukrainskaya pravda.

Commenting on the mention of his criminal past, Oleh Liashko said that by the decision of Pecherskyi district court of Kyiv of August 19, 2010 President Viktor Yuschenko, who told that Oleh Liashko had three previous convictions, "is obliged to refute this false information."

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