06.10.2010 17:07

Wife of official was charged of growing marijuana unfairly


Previously MP from the BYuT (Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko) faction Yurii Odarchenko said from the rostrum of the parliament that the wife of the head of district administration in the Henichesk district Seitumera Nimetullaeva had been growing 20 hectares of marijuana. "In Kherson Head of the Interior Ministry Directorate Lytvyn made a statement that the wife of the head of district administration in the Henichesk district Nimetullaeva grows 20 hectares of marijuana," – the MP said.

Later the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych instructed to verify the information.

Today it has become known that the information announced in the Verkhovna Rada, that allegedly the wife of the chairman of Henichesk Regional State Administration (Khersonska region) Seitumera Nimetullaeva was involved in growing cannabis, was not confirmed, is reported in the press service of the Interior Ministry.

The head of the police in the Khersonska region Valerii Lytvyn argues that he has never reported on the information announced in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Also, according to Valerii Litvin, the statement that had been made in parliament, was not confirmed. The information about the crops of cannabis on the area of 20 hectares, which were allegedly detected, was not confirmed also, reports proUA.

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