06.10.2010 16:31

Sex scandal in Parliament: MP Liashko told how acting Minister Borys had oral sex with him


Recently video appeared on the Internet in which one of the main mouthpieces of the opposition MP of the BYuT (Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko) faction and at that time 21-year-old Oleh Liashko - editor of the newspaper Kommercheskie vesti - tells the intimate details of his sexual life with a man Borys (video was made in 1993 during an interrogation of Oleh Liashko).

By the way, later journalists found out who Borys was. As reported Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine, a newspaper, which was led by young Oleh Liashko, was published at the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Ukraine. Borys Sobolev was at the head of the Ministry. At that time he was the Acting Minister.

A year after that interrogation, Oleh Liashko was arrested and charged under several articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - including, for embezzlement of large-scale state and collective property, unauthorized appropriation of power, etc. The sentence was as follows - six years with confiscation of property. A year later he was released under an amnesty and in 1998 the criminal record was canceled.

However, as it can be seen by record during the interrogation, 17 years ago, investigators asked Oleh Liashko not about his activities, but about his relationship with Borys, who seemed to hold very high office in the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and even accompanied the President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk during his business trips.

The figurant of the scandal Oleh Lyashko admitted in the commentary that he knows he has become the star of the Internet. He promises to answer all questions at a press conference on Thursday. He will tell about where video appeared on the Internet and who did it, according to Tsenzor.net.

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