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Honhadze’s case: Pukach slandered Kravchenko, deceased?


Oleksiy Pukach gave untrue evidence, slandering Yurii Kravchenko, the deceased, said the MP of the Regions Party, a member of the Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement Activity Vasyl Hrytsak.

"Pukach could not get into the office of Kravchenko, because heads of departments could not go there. I remember that in those days (on September 15-16 2000 - editor.) Kravchenko was not in Kyiv - he was in Kharkiv, I accompanied him at that time. On September 16 he (Kravchenko - editor.) attended the inauguration at the National University of Internal Affairs. I did not see Kravchenko had a conversation by phone for a long time giving instructions", - said Vasyl Hrytsak.

Another victim - the journalist Oleksii Podolskyi called the forthcoming judicial process “the court over criminal instrument”. As a reminder, the General Prosecutor’s Office combined the case on the attempt on Oleksii Podolskyi with the case of Heorhii Honhadze, to show the systemic nature of crimes committed by Oleksii Pukach. The reporter also did not rule out that he will refuse to participate in the trial. According to Oleksii Podolskyi, announcing the completion of the investigation and calling Yurii Kravchenko the paymaster of the crime, the General Prosecutor’s Office wants to improve the image of power in the eyes of the world community.

MP of the NU-NS (Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense) faction, leader of the party “For Ukraine!” Viacheslav Kyrylenko believes that not everything has been informed in the Honhadze’s case. He said: "Everybody who monitored the investigation of the Honhadze's case over 10 long years, has doubts now”.

The case of Heorhii Honhadze is hidden under the guise of writing off the main fault on the deceased ex-Interior Minister Yurii Kravchenko. Honorary chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Oleksandr Moroz expressed such an opinion in his address devoted to the tenth anniversary since Heorhii Honhadze has disappeared.

The representative of the President of Ukraine (2005-2010) Viktor Yuschenko Iryna Vannykova said that only those paymasters who are dead now, are named in the Honhadze’s case, the press service of Our Ukraine reported.

As reported MIGnews.com.ua, the General Prosecutor’s Office gave name of the paymaster of murder of journalist Heorhii Honhadze. According to investigators, he is Interior Minister Yurii Kravchenko, deceased.

As a reminder, on March 4 2005 at 7:45 am Yurii Kravchenko was found dead at his dacha in Koncha-Zaspa near Kyiv. On the same day at 10:00 am he had to testify in the General Prosecutor’s Office on the case of the murder of Heorhii Honhadze. He died as a result of two gunshot wounds to the head: The first bullet hit his chin and came out near his nose, the second hit his right temple and exited through the back of his neck. His wife found his body. Chezet pistol was lying near the hand of Yurii Kravchenko, registered in his name. According to preliminary investigation, the cause of death was suicide. Suicide note was found near the corpse: "My dear, I am not guilty of anything. Forgive me. I was a victim of political intrigues of President Leonid Kuchma and his entourage. I am leaving you with a clear conscience. Goodbye."

At that time first deputy chief of the General directorate of Investigation of Special Cases Serhii Denysenko said: "We do not know where is the notebook, from which a sheet of the Kravchenko’s suicide note is torn, - said Serhii Denysenko. Based on the materials of the newspaper Kommersant-Ukraine, IMC

02:16 pm MP, former officer of Interior Ministry Hennadii Moskal does not believe in the version of the General Prosecutor’s Office that the only paymaster of the murder of Heorhii Honhadze was former head of Interior Minister Yurii Kravchenko. He has doubts also about the materials of the investigation, which appeared in the press. In particular, the Minister allegedly ordered to kill the journalist right in his (Kravchenko’s) office. "I was the deputy of Kravchenko twice. I had confidential conversations with him - he never had it in the office," - said Hennadii Moskal.

Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union calls on relatives of the Interior Minister Yurii Kravchenko, deceased to appeal against the position of the investigation on the case of Heorhii Honhadze that the only paymaster of the reporter’s murder was Yurii Kravchenko, according to the press office of the organization. The members of the media trade union are sure that the investigation is trying to draw the public’s attention away from the real paymasters of the murder charging the person who is not able to defend himself.

02:26 pm Ex-Major of the State Security Service Mykola Melnychenko will not testify in court on accusation of a former police general Oleksii Pukach of the murder if journalist Heorhii Honhadze since it does not relate to him. He told about it today at a press conference in Kyiv. Neither Leonid Kuchma nor Volodymyr Lytvyn, who appear in the recordings allegedly made by him, will be prosecuted, and they will not be charged because on September 18 will the deadline for prescription to do it, he said.

In addition, Mykola Melnychenko said that law enforcers need indubitable evidence to bring to responsibility those persons mentioned above as the accused of involvement into the murder of Heorhii Honhadze. "Pukach gave evidence that point out Kuchma and Lytvyn. Besides my recordings, there is no indisputable evidence", - said Mykola Melnychenko.

Mykola Melnychenko said that he personally does not believe that the former Interior Minister Yurii Kravchenko “could give the order to kill the journalist on his own will. He fulfilled those orders that were given to him" – UNIAN cites Mykola Melnychenko as saying.

04:18 pm Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma called the case on the murder of journalist Heorhii Honhadze, an international provocation. He told reporters about it during a visit to Chernihiv. "This is an international provocation to discredit Ukraine. They did not let to live either me or Ukraine", - said the former President of the country.

According to Leonid Kuchma, foreign intelligence services were at the back of arrangement of the reporter’s disappearance, and it is known. He also said that he has information about participation of CIA officials in the protest actions during those times. "They earned money", - UNIAN cites Leonid Kuchma as saying.

05:01 pm Disclosure of the films, where talks of senior government officials are allegedly recorded, was a special operation to eliminate Leonid Kuchma from power, Mykola Melnychenko, ex-official of state security said.

According to Mykola Melnychenko, Leonid Kuchma had no personal motives to order the murder of journalist Heorhii Honhadze, but Volodymyr Lytvyn had such motives. He, being on the position of head of the Presidential Administration, formed a negative image of Heorhii Honhadze, in the eyes of Leonid Kuchma. The only thing, which they can do in this situation, according to him, is to make repent. "Mr. Kuchma should say clearly: yes, Lytvyn influenced on me but I do not want it, I did not give the order," - he said.

Mykola Melnychenko believes that if Oleksii Pukach testified against Yurii Kravchenko in 2003, he would not be released. According to Mykola Melnychenko, orange power led by President Viktor Yuschenko (2005-2010) advocated paymasters of the murder of Heorhii Honhadze.

"In 2005 Yuschenko was to apply to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and international examination of films would be made under the legal assistance", - said Mykola Melnychenko. However, it was not done, authorities only promised to do it, said the ex-Major. "About two years, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine was negotiating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but in 2007, when some agreements had been reached, Yuschenko dismissed the Prosecutor General", - emphasized Mykola Melnychenko.

According to him, the test films that were carried out by experts in 2009 do not reflect traces of mounting of films made in the Presidential Administration.

At the same time Mykola Melnychenko said that the team of President Viktor Yanukovych has done a lot to complete investigation of the case on the murder of journalist Heorhii Honhadze. Based on materials from the IMC


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