31.08.2010 16:15

Disappearance of reporter in Kharkiv: eight versions


To date, law enforcers are examining eight versions of the disappearance of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Novyl Stil in Kharkiv Vasyl Klimentiev.

According to Deputy Interior Minister Vasyl Farinnyk, the investigation does not rule out that the reporter may have been killed due to professional activity or hooliganism, the murder might be committed by relatives or close friends of Vasyl Klimentiev.

The versions of the murder of Klimentiev by debtors in order not to return the debts, the kidnapping of journalist for ransom, pretence of abduction, death of a journalist in connection with his lack of knowledge how to drive the boat, writes Focus. Another version of the police is that Vasyl Klimentiev could be a culprit or a victim in a traffic accident.

According to Vasyl Farinnyk, many people are interrogated on this case. "In addition, we do not reject the version that he can be alive. We have opened a criminal case under Article 115 of the Criminal Code (deliberate murder) to search him" - noted the deputy Minister.

Police also are considering the possibility of involvement of people, who were mentioned in the articles of the reporter, into his murder.

As a reminder, on August 11 Vasyl Klimentiev left home and did not return. On August 17 a mobile phone with SIM-card of the journalist was found in the empty boat which was running in the Pechenezhske reservoir. Divers are searching reporter. A criminal case is opened under Art. 115 of the Criminal Code (deliberate murder).

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