22.04.2010 15:09

Dead driver guilty of accident involving motorcade with President?


As reported MIGnews.com.ua, yesterday, April 21 in the morning on the Kharkivska Square of Kyiv one of the cars escorting a motorcade of the President had a traffic accident. The motorcade was going in the Boryspil airport, where Viktor Yanukovych was to fly to Kharkiv for a meeting with president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Leaving Bazhana avenue to the Boryspil highway minibus Volkswagen" (ambulance, which accompanied the motorcade) and VAZ-2110 (taxi) collided. The driver of taxi 32-year-old Oleksii Chizhykov died, his two passengers - 31-year-old Dmytro Yarmolovych and 35-year-old Viktoria Esaulenko were seriously injured. The man has traumatic brain injury, closed chest injury, a broken arm. Esaulenko has craniocerebral injury. The driver of the ambulance Mykola Demydenko was also injured. He has an injury of the cervical vertebra, Segodnya writes.

According to the version that was suggested by a source in the Interior Ministry, dead driver may be found guilty of the accident. Lada is almost destroyed. “Ambulance car was driving, possibly, with the speed 150 kilometers per hour, "- said the officer of filling station near the scene of the accident Oleksandr Melnychenko. By the way, the police initially tried to deny that the ambulance had some relation to the motorcade, but then the authorities acknowledged - minibus was from the State management of affairs and accompanied the motorcade.

The Presidential Administration will help the family of the deceased taxi driver, says Deputy head of the Presidential Administration Hanna Herman. - The President instructed the Prosecutor General to take the investigation under his personal control. Traffic police colonel who led officers on this stretch of road is already suspended from his duty during investigation.



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