28.01.2010 11:31

Gongadze's body to be examined


The General Prosecutor's Office has given Lesia Gongadze, the mother of the murdered journalist Georgy Gongadze, samples of bones of the skull, which presumably belong to the journalist, for a private examination, the newspaper Kommersant-Ukrain writes.

During the forensic examination of the skull which was made yesterday, on January 27 the metal fragment was removed out of the skull. Meanwhile, Lesia Gongadze's claims that her son did not receive shrapnel wounds of the head. Valentyna Telichenko, a representative of the widow - Miroslava Gongadze - says that indeed a fragment was in the head of Georgy Gongadze.

As is known, the body, allegedly belonging to the journalist, was found in early November 2000 in a forest near Tarashcha. Lesia Gongadze refused to recognize it was the body of her son. Several examinations of DNA were scheduled at her request, including international tests. Most of them confirmed that the body of Georgy Gongadze was found in Tarashcha.

Yesterday, on January 27 Lesia Gongadze told that during the forensic examination the General Prosecutor’s Office allowed her to take samples of bone tissue of the skull for a private DNA examination. "I want to conduct genetic analysis at my expense. I have a milk tooth of my son," - said the mother of the deceased journalist. Lesia Gongadze is going to make the examination in a European country and has already started collecting money for visa and travel to give fragments of the skull and get the results of the study.

However, Miroslava Gongadze will insist on an official genotyposcopic examination.

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