04.01.2010 12:20

Prosecutor’s General Office returned to case of Yushchenko’s former father of son-in-law


A criminal investigation against former Director of the Control department over alcohol and tobacco production and turnover Ihor Honchar, who is accused of bribe-taking US $20,000 for a license for alcohol wholesale to the private entrepreneur Kamenev, has been resumed. Deputy Prosecutor General Vitali Shchetkyn told about that, the newspaper Segodnya writes.

"Completed investigation is resumed if there are new significant circumstances, or one party submits an application for examination, face-to-face confrontation, questioning, other procedural steps within the framework of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - Vitali Shchetkyn says. - In this case location of Kamenev, who allegedly gave Honchar a bribe, is established on the territory of Russia. In connection with this it was necessary to send us the interrogation protocol and samples of Kamenev’s voice. It was necessary for completion of phonoscopic forensic examination”. According to Vitali Shchetkyn, Kamenev without reason refuses to testify on Honchar.

As a reminder, Ihor Honchar, a former father of son-in-law of Viktor Yushchenko, was arrested red-handed by members of the Anti-Corruption Bureau of the General Directorate of Department for combating organized crime at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in August 2008. Law enforcers found about US $400,000 while searching his apartment. Soon he was released on bail of Hr 70,000. Recently, Yuri Lutsenko accused Victor Yushchenko in public of covering bribe-taker, and General Prosecutor's Office of lack of fight against corruption and bribery. The Prosecutor’s General Office did not agree with it, noting that in 2005 the court received 1,319 cases with signs of corruption, and already 1,551cases during 11 months in 2009. 85 and more than 100 tax officers correspondingly were brought to responsibility during the same period.

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