11.12.2009 18:26

Candidate for President Tyhypko helped ransom Ariana


A ransom for release of the Ariana ship was paid in the amount of from US $2.6 mn to more than US $3 mn. According to a source in the Foreign Intelligence Service, US $1.7 mn was paid by a presidential candidate Serhiy Tyhypko.

According to the Foreign Ministry spokesman in the Southern Region Konstiantyn Rzhepishevsky, "the visit of sailors’ relatives to Athens influenced on the success of negotiations”. “It was organized from 2 to 4 December by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during which wives of sailors met with the Director General of Alloceans Shipping Co. Spyros Minas.

"The release of Ariana is a service of Ukrainian special services, foreign-policy forces and diplomatic missions," - said the diplomat. According to the Foreign Ministry, the amount of ransom came to US $2.6 mn.

At the same time, the chief editor of the online newspaper Maritime Bulletin Mikhaylo Voitenko said that the amount of ransom exceeded US $3 mn. "One part was paid by authorities of Ukraine, the other one by the company-owner Alloceans Shipping Co. If Ukrainian party did not do it, the redemption would not take place, - Voitenko said.

According to the newspaper Segodnya with reference to a source in the Foreign Intelligence Service, a part of the ransom the ship for US $1.1 mn and he could pay only that amount" - claimed the source. Serhii Tyhypko has not confirmed this information.

According to the newspaper, after the transfer of redemption the ship went in the direction of the United Arab Emirates. The crew will obtain medical help in the next port along the route. In addition, there will be an investigation of circumstances of the seizure of a ship by pirates, and then crew will be sent home.

In addition, according to Kommersant-Ukraine, Voitenko reported about financial problems connected with the further fate of the Ukrainian sailors:" I do not know whether all the crew members will agree to leave the board of Ariana at the nearest port, because the company-owner has not paid salaries them in the past two months. Also, relatives of the sailors want to receive compensation in the form of a double rate of wages during captivity, and for personal things, which were seized by the pirates".

However, according to the newspaper, Minas categorically refuted the statement about arrears of salaries to the crew of Ariana, Korrespondent reported.

Bulk carrier Ariana with 24 Ukrainian sailors on board, which went from Brazil to the Middle East with 35 thousand tons of soy, was captured on May 2 this year in the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Seychelles.

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