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Katrina Jordan


Katie Price (born Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield, 22 May 1978), previously known under the pseudonym Jordan during her early modelling career, is an English celebrity, businesswoman, singer, television personality and former glamour model.

Her time at topless female glamour model pictorial, Page Three, in British tabloid newspaper The Sun, instantly shot Price into the public limelight. She is notoriously dubbed by contemporary critics as being "famous for being famous", her personal life is often criticised by British tabloids and celebrity-based magazines, and her artificial breasts represent the pinnacle of her pornographic appeal; however Price is often viewed a collective ideal of genuine modern femininity to a widespread audience: particularly to females. Her continual struggle with the British media against her personal life and "rags to riches" story has turned her into an inspirational role model.

Her place in the public's spotlight has allowed Price to venture into a multitude of different businesses. Since her début as a glamour model, Price has written five adult-fiction novels; four autobiographies; two series of children's books; and one fashion book as well as branching into fashion with the release of clothing ranges in equestrian wear and baby wear; two fragrances; a haircare range; a tanning range and an eyelash range.

Price has experienced many superfluously-publicised relationships in the eye of the British media and has been married twice: first to singer Peter Andre in 2005 and again to professional fighter Alex Reid in 2010.

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