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Actress Elisha Cuthbert


Elisha Ann Cuthbert was born on November 30, 1982 in Calgary (Alberta province), Canada. At the age of seven years, Elisha began to act as a model, then from 1997 to 2000 she was a correspondent of the TV series "Popular Mechanics for Kids". In the same year Cuthbert starred in her first feature film, ‘Dancing on the Moon’.

Then actress played in a family tale ‘Niko The Unicorn’ (1998) and played a first major role in the film ‘Airspeed’ (1998). Cuthbert got acting experience, building a career, "brick by brick," and her roles in the films ‘Who Gets The House?’ (1999), ‘Time at the Top’ (1999), and ‘Mail to the Chief’ (2000) were the roles of "a good girl". The turning point occurred in 2001 - at that time Elisha had already graduated from school and starred in her most recent Canadian TV movie ‘Lucky Girl’ where her dramatic talent was shown. The play of 17-year-old actress brought her the award ‘Gemini’ (the Canadian analog of an Emmy) in the category ‘For the best female lead role in a dramatic program or miniseries’.

One of the upcoming Fox projects was the series ‘24’ that brought Cuthbert popularity and residence in the city of dreams. She participated in three seasons of the series (2001-2004). In parallel with the shooting in the series actress had time to act in the comedies ‘Old School’ (2003) and ‘Love Actually’ (2003) in the company of such stars as Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Nisson and Emma Thompson.

The most famous film with her participation is ‘Girl Next Door’ (2004), where she played the major role of former porn star, Daniel, who dreamed of starting a new life and was ready to fight for her love (category "Women's Breakthrough" and "Best Kiss" of MTV Movie Awards 2005).

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