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Russian singer Sasha


Sasha (Aleksandra Antonova) was born in Moscow on February 5. From childhood to 18 years the girl lived in the city of Syktyvkar in the Komi Republic. There she learned the basics of the music – she studied at music school, was fond of choreography. Also she is a candidate for sport in figure skating.

Producer Yurii Ayzenshpis helped Sasha to be involved into the big show-business. In spring 2000 the song “Po nochnomu gorodu” (Along the night city) was recorded, later the audience heard the songs “Eto prosto dozhd” (This is rain) and “Liubov – eto voina” (Love is war). All three hits had video versions.

In the summer of 2001 as a result of a serious conflict with the leaders Sasha left the producer project and began an independent career. Fans had to wait for a long time for Sasha's first disc. The way to its release was long and difficult. In May 2003 the debut album “Sasha” released.

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