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Sex symbol of France Emmanuelle Béart


Emmanuelle Béart was born on August 14, 1965 in France. Her father was a famous French singer Guy Beart. When Emmanuel as a teenager went to Montreal, she got acquainted with the famous director Robert Oltmann, and he persuaded Emmanuel become an actress. Manon Des Sources (1986) made her known, and she received Cesar award, as the Best Supporting Actress. After that she acted in a few more pictures (including the well-known in our country comedy A Gauche En Sortant De L’ascenseur). In 1991 the film La Belle Noiseuse of Jacques Rivette with Emmanuelle Beart in leading role was the highlight of the year and won the main prize at the Cannes Film Festival. For several years Frenchwoman had been the most well-known model of the Christian Dior company.

The best films: 8 femmes, A Gauche En Sortant De L’ascenseur, Mission: Impossible, Nathalie…

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