28.12.2010 17:15

Health Ministry: first wave of flu on decline, second wave expected in late January


The first wave of influenza in Ukraine is declining, while the second one is expected late in January, Ukraine's chief sanitary officer Serhiy Ryzhenko unveiled such a forecast at a press briefing on Tuesday.

"The children went on vacation, and, naturally, the incidence of influenza is decreasing. We expect that in late January we will see a slight increase in incidence," he said.

Ryzhenko explained that the epidemic process is largely determined by the rates of infant morbidity, as 60-70% of the patients are children.

"We have clearly set the goal in the regions: if more than 20% of children are missing, please close classes, close schools, the kids go on vacation. Thus, we are today reducing the number of sick children," the chief sanitary doctor said.

According to him, the current weather, unfortunately, contributes to morbidity, because of the high humidity and low temperature people get cold at bus stops, and then accumulate in public transport - this creates the conditions for the spread of the virus. At the same time he warned against the desire "to close within four walls", and advised walking outdoors as much as possible, avoiding hypothermia. "This will enable not to get sick," says Ryzhenko.

Asked by reporters, the chief sanitary officer of the country said that now in Ukraine, as well as throughout the European continent, B-type virus is dominated. The disease caused by this virus, unlike A-type virus, runs in a lighter form, "a man, in fact, feels the symptoms of ARI, in addition, it causes fewer complications".

"We see in the statistics that the number of complications and deaths this year is hundreds of times less. I understand that this is a great merit of medical workers, but the virus is not as aggressive as last year," Ryzhenko stressed.

He said that now the epidemic threshold is exceeded in two test cities - Dnipropetrovsk (1.8%) and Chernihiv (42.4%) and Kyiv is very close to the epidemic threshold. UKRINFORM

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