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Introduction of social security cards in 2013 requires UAH 4 b


Electronic social security cards will be introduced in Ukraine in 2013, Deputy Ukrainian Finance Minister Oleksandr Shnypko has said.

"When the corresponding procedural and practical bases are ready, this program will be implemented in compliance with the Program of Economic Reform of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych for 2010-2014 all over Ukraine, starting from 2013," Shnypko said during a panel discussion at Kyiv Regional State Administration on December 14.

According to him, next week the Cabinet of Ministers will consider a plan for a state targeted program to set up a single information-analytical system for the audit and management of the social sphere using electronic social security cards for 2010-2013.

The state program is to be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers in January 2011. The document will become the basis for technical and economic grounds and specification for the creation of such a system.

In 2011 an experiment on implementation of electronic social security cards will be conducted in five regions: Kyiv, Kyiv region, Crimea, Chernivtsi and Kharkiv regions. Inventory of social benefits and people entitled to them would be carried out simultaneously.

According to Shnypko, today some 13 million Ukrainian are entitled to benefits. It is expected that some UAH 4 billion will be spent for the realization of the program within four years. Interfax-Ukraine

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