10.12.2010 16:07

ZAZ ends Slavuta output


 In January 2011 Zaporizhzhia Automobile Building Plant (ZAZ), south of Ukraine, will cease to produce the ZAZ 1103 Slavuta and ZAZ 11055 Tavria Pick-Up models, according to AutoCenter.

Slavuta, which has been the cheapest new motorcar not only in Ukraine, but in Europe (UAH 38,000 or some EUR 3,500) is withdrawn from production due to law profitability.

It will be replaced by a more modern ZAZ Forza, a modernized model of Chery A13. The car will be on a full cycle of production (stamping, welding, painting, assembly) as sedan and hatchback. It will be produced for the domestic Ukrainian market and for export.

In 2012 the automobile building plant intends to launch production of another car, whose name has long been kept secret. UKRINFORM

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