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Casinos will be opened this year


In the near future, the Ministry of Finance will be invited to participate in the international event. In this case we are talking about GREF (Gaming Regulators European Forum) – the forum, which is organized by European regulators of the gambling market.

For the Finance Ministry this means European colleagues have recognized them the regulator at the Ukrainian gambling market. After all the other parties simply do not have the right to participate in the forum. Thus the Ministry will have additional arguments in favor of adoption of their draft law “On gambling."

For several months, Ukraine has been observing the struggle for the right to regulate gambling. This time, - the struggle between the Finance Ministry and the State Committee of Entrepreneurship. The committee headed by Mykhailo Brodskyi wrote the bill “On gambling " the first under the order of Deputy Prime Minister Borys Kolesnikov on financial maintenance of preparations for the Euro 2012. The Finance Ministry presented its version only in early November.

In general, both documents are similar – to permit only certain types of gambling and within a limited territory. However, experts point out some crucial differences, which have become a stumbling block for the two institutions, writes Comments.

This is primarily concerned with the types of activities that will be permitted. Committee of Entrepreneurship believes that a complete ban must be imposed only on the activities of online casinos (to block access to the sites of online casino) and slot halls. Finance Ministry proposes to add bookmakers’ activity to the black list. The gambling establishments mentioned above can only play in the gambling areas located on the Crimean peninsula (except Sevastopil), and on the resorts: Truskavets Morshyn, Bukovel Mukachevo and Slavskoe. The Committee has a larger list of gambling zones. The second paragraph of the discrepancies is licensing.

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