24.11.2010 13:53

Drugs will be sold by prescription only beginning from December 1


Beginning from December 1 Ukrainians will be made buying medicines on prescription only. There will be 70 percents of drugs. In addition, physicians will be obliged to indicate the active substance, - in Latin, but not the name of the drug. "Beginning from the first day of December there will be prescription of drugs," – said the Minister of Health of Ukraine Zinovii Mytnyk.

The Minister said that they want to make Ukrainians stop self-medication, and physicians will have to remember Latin. Subsequently, there will be not the commercial name of medicine but the active ingredient will be in the prescription.

"Due to the fact that we have not made prescriptions for a long time - we lost the skills to write in Latin and it is the load on the doctor," - said Iryna Pylypenko, head of the Children's polyclinic. According to the Ministry, the prescriptions will be made in two copies. One copy will remain in the pharmacy and will be kept there for three months, according to TSN.

Experts stress that prescription should be a legal document, and then financial one. Due to it it will be easier to prove the mistakes of doctors. The increase in queues at hospitals and clinics is not an argument for the Minister. Control over the drugs will be tightened but experts do not specify what will be the responsibility of pharmacists for selling drugs without a prescription.

04:13 pm The Ministry of Health of Ukraine declares that the information spread by some media that on December 1 Ukrainians are forced to buy medicines on prescription only, is distorted and not true, according to the press service of the Ministry.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine says that citizens, as before, will be able to buy medicines without prescriptions at pharmacies. Only physicians and pharmacists will face the changes and it will be introduced to improve control over prescription of drugs, reported the Ministry.


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