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Authorities will break up Maidan-2 by force?! PHOTOS


The open-ended protest action of entrepreneurs against the adoption of the Tax Code is taking place for the third day in Kyiv on Maidan Nealezhnosti. Activists demand from the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to veto the law.

MP of the faction NU-NS (Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense) Andrii Parubii said during a protest against the Tax Code on Maidan Nezalezhnosti said that the authorities were preparing the coercive scenario on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. MP also said that MPs of Our Ukraine did not impose their will on the protesters, instead of it they would provide technical and legal assistance.

Also, Andrii Parubii reported that he has applied to the Kyiv city state administration about the meetings with voters directly on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti from Tuesday till Friday.

In addition, according to the politician, MPs of Our Ukraine sent an appeal to the President of Ukraine with a demand to dismiss Interior Minister Anatolii Mohyliov for illegal police actions against participants of Maidan.

Authorities also are trying to prevent the arrival of the new protesters in Kyiv. In particular, the law enforcers of Lviv Region have threatened that they will revoke the licenses of carriers, if they are going to take businessmen at a rally in Kyiv.

Carriers of the western regions of Ukraine are afraid of administrative pressure and refuse to provide buses for trips of businessmen in Kyiv.

Yevhen Shapovalenko also said that "in spite of threats and harassment" Lviv businessmen will close their outlets and will meet on November 25 in the center of Lviv for the protest, and those who can go by their own transport or by train will go to Kyiv.

In turn, the chairman of the human rights organization ‘Aktyv Cherkaschyny’, the businessman Ruslan Zoria reported that the buses that carried Cherkasy businessmen in Kyiv at a rally, were stopped by inspectors on the outskirts. 30 buses went to Kyiv from Cherkasy for the protest, but Traffic Police permitted only 10 buses to go. Based on materials of Ukrainskaya pravda, UNIAN


12:07 am In Kyiv on Maidan Nezalezhnosti where there is protest against the Tax Code for three days, as of 9:30 am there were about 100 people.

On Tuesday late at night one of the coordinators of the protest said more than 100 entrepreneurs were going to spend the night on Maidan Nezalezhnosti although the rally would not last all night.

MPs of the faction "BYuT-Fatherland" Yurii Hnatkevych, Volodymyr Donchak, Viktor Oliinyk, Oleksandr Steshenko, Yurii Tryndiuk and Borys Shyianov.

There is no rally on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. According to the headquarters, the majority of people are expected tomorrow at the end of the ultimatum, which is put forward to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

According to Channel 5, the entrepreneurs have formed a negotiating team for "a dialogue with the authorities." "We have chosen seven negotiators, who will go for talks. They are people from different organizations – both lawyers and entrepreneurs", - said one of the protesters.

Today at 11:00 am a meeting is scheduled between businessmen and the First Vice Prime Minister Andrii Kliuev. Based on materials from UNIAN, Ukrainskaya pravda, TSN.ua

At the previous meeting with First Vice Prime Minister Andrii Kliuev authorities agreed part of the requirements of entrepreneurs to the Tax Code, according to the chairman of the Union of protection of entrepreneurship Serhii Korotych on Channel 5.

"There is a desire of co-operation, and at least, we have been listened. There is an understanding of what we demand," - he said. "There was a meeting with First Deputy Prime Minister, and we told about our proposals. Some of them has positive solution", - Ukrainskaya pravda cites Serhii Korotych as saying.

02:12 pm Government officials and businessmen have adjusted five possible amendments to the Tax Code in a simplified taxation system. These agreements have been reached at a meeting of businessmen with the First Vice Prime Minister Andrii Kliuev, reports Zerkalo nedeli with reference to its sources in the Cabinet of Ministers.

In particular, authorities are planning:

1) To increase from 600 to 800 thousand UAH maximum annual income of entrepreneurs, operating on a single tax, and using the cash register;

2) To increase from four to five people the number of salaried staff;

3) To postpone for six months (until July 1, 2011) the introduction of compulsory accounting;

4) To introduce an amnesty on the remains of goods on January 1;

5) To give the right to individuals on a single tax system to rent residential and non-residential premises with a mandatory tax for individuals.

With regard to amendments in tax administering and powers of the Tax Administration, the most disputed points are being considered now at a meeting of government representatives in the office of the First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Iryna Akymova.

As a reminder, according to the results of the meeting between deputies of the Regions Party with small and medium business, which was held on Tuesday, November 23, it was agreed that the introduction of two sections of the Tax Code is rescheduled for the II quarter of 2011. In particular, a 14th section, which refers to the simplified system, and the third section, which deals with income tax and a simplified system for legal persons.

04:53 pm The group of people which does not express the interests of all entrepreneurs has entered into negotiations with the first vice Prime Minister Andrii Kliuev, according to the declaration of the Assembly of Public Organizations of Small and Medium Business of Ukraine, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine, the Markets of Kyiv, Markets and business associations of Odeska region, the Civil movement Otpor.

"Unfortunately, a group of people who do not express the position of the Maidan, has entered into the negotiation process, which is contrary to the stated requirements," - said in a statement. "At this time, these people are in talks with First Deputy Prime Minister Kliuev without appropriate authorization," - the statement reports.

Also, entrepreneurs are encouraged to come on November 25 on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv at 9:00 am and at 11:00 - on the ploschas of Ukraine's cities, reports Ukrainskaya pravda.

The criminal case is opened on blocking of streets in the center of Kyiv against participants of protest action, according to Deputy Interior Minister of Ukraine Viktor Ratushniak.

Viktor Ratushniak also stressed that, despite the fact that the case was opened on the fact, but not against a specific person, the specific persons would be identified who took part in the blocking of Khreschatyk vulytsia and Institutska vulytsia.

He told that there was no need in blocking the traffic, since the number of protesters allowed them to sit on the sidewalk. Viktor Ratushniak added that the case is investigated by investigation department of the Shevchenkovskyi district directorate of Interior Ministry of Ukraine, Levyi bereg reports.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych will find time for entrepreneurs who are demanding a meeting with him for a long time, according to Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Hanna Herman.

"The President hopes for mutual understanding. He always knew how to listen to all. I do not remember a case that the President has not heard some who needed it" - said Hanna Herman.

However, she said that the Head of State "has his own timetable, a plan under which he must work, not because of calls to him." "But I think the President will find time for everyone" – IMC cites Hanna Herman.


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