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People in panic! Ukraine preparing for earthquake. RECOMMENDATIONS


On Saturday heavy earth tremors had been noticed in China, Mongolia and on the coast of Sumatra. At night on Monday there was an earthquake in Turkey.

Last week Romanian seismologist George Mermurianu predicted a large earthquake in the near future in Ukraine. "With the earthquake in Chile we recorded tremors in the zone of Vrancea. This zone applies to Ukraine too. On the night of Monday to Tuesday (onMarch 2), it was an earthquake measuring 2.2 points. Also, earthquakes are happening now in the Danube Delta and near the Crimean Peninsula. These shocks are not very strong, but it gives grounds to say that a strong earthquake will happen in the coming years at great depths in the zone of Vrancea, which will affect Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. Our countries must establish a joint notification system about earthquakes as soon as possible", - considers the Romanian seismologist George Mermurianu.

There are seven seismic stations: in Yalta, Sevastopol, Kerch, Simferopol, Alushta, Feodosia and Kerch on the Black Sea coast. Also they are located in Lviv, Odesa and other cities.

"Any scientists from any countries cannot determine in advance the place, time and the strength of the earthquake. It is impossible to make accurate short term forecasts – we do not have such methods", - says Yuri Volfman, director Department of seismicity of the Institute of Geophysics, Academy of Science of Ukraine.

RECOMMENDATIONS Before the earthquake

Attach heavy furniture to the walls. Mode the beds back from the windows.

During an earthquake

Do not run out of the building! Debris can fall on you. Do not use the elevator. Hide under the table, bed, etc. Stand in the doorway or in the inner corner of the room. On the street, stay away from buildings and power lines. In the car: stop in a vacant lot, be in the car until the shakes stop.

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