29.11.2010 13:53

Head of district administration died in traffic accident


Chairman of the district administration in Kehychevskyi district of Kharkivska region, the deputy of the regional council Janna Chynkova died in a collision of Mazda-626, and Skoda Fabia on the highway Kharkiv-Krasnohrad.

Janna Chynkova was driving Skoda Fabia, said first deputy chief of Kehychevska district administration Serhii Yasen. The head of the district department of labor and social protection Natalia Hrapach was sitting in her car also. "They were friends, were driving by Janna’s car to her home from Kharkiv, where the traffic accident occurred", - said Serhii Yasen.

At night from Sunday to Monday head-on collision took place of cars Mazda-626, and Skoda Fabia on the highway Kharkiv-Krasnohrad near Rakytne village, Novovodolazhskyi district. Then the car Mazda – 626caught fire, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

According to the press service of the regional traffic police, the driver of Mazda-626 was guilty of the traffic accident, who did not meet the requirements of the sign 3.21 "no entry" and went on the road with one way traffic towards the total traffic. As a result of the traffic accident 3 people died: the drivers of both passenger cars and a passenger in Skoda Fabia.

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