25.11.2010 15:17

Footballer, committer of fatal traffic accident, is ready to indemnify for family of dead


Deputy Head of Department - Head of Investigation Department of Interior Ministry Roman Lytvynov has denied reports that Vladyslav Piskun had tried to commit suicide.

"He is n a four-seat prison cell- said police colonel. – He is under constant supervision of medical assistant. He has a broken arm. His condition is stable, there is no threat to life. Piskun did not give any evidence. He has a right for this. He admitted his guilt and said he was ready to indemnify for the family."

Since the traffic accident took place three days ago, it is too early to make a conclusion. According to law enforcement agencies, additional examinations will be made. As for the driver of yellow Mitsubisi, Vladyslav Piskun is not acquainted with him, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine writes.

Vladyslav Piskun will stay in Sevastopil jail for at least two months. Leninskyi District Court of Sevastopil has chosen such a measure of restraint on November 24.

According to law enforcement, Vladyslav Piskun will face from 7 to 12 years in prison. He has no chance to get out on bail.

As a reminder, on November 21, a woman and two children died from a traffic accident in Sevastopil. Police opened a criminal case against Vladyslav Piskun on suspicion of automobile-pedestrian accident with fatalities (3 people) in Sevastopil.

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