23.11.2010 13:53

Footballer who knocked down to death 3 people tried to commit suicide. PHOTOS


Hundreds of Sevastopil residents yesterday, on November 22 and today come to the scene of the tragedy, to honor the memory of the dead children - 2-year-old Kira, 5-year-old Nastia and their mother 26-year-old Liina Voronkova, who died under the wheels of BMW. Children and their mother died not far from home.

33-year old Daniil Voronkov, the father of killed babies, and the husband of Liina stays at home with his relatives and friends. As a reminder, the girls and their mother were knocked down by a 24-year old footballer Vladyslav Piskun. Witnesses said that he allegedly raced with a yellow Mitsubishi. Driver of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 is as a witness now. He claims that he personally is not familiar with Vladyslav Piskun, and has not raced with him, writes Segodnya.

According to the head of the investigative department of Leninsky district department of Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Sevastopil Mykhailo Verba, Vladyslav Piskun is under custody after providing him medical care and is in the extremely depressed state. A criminal case is opened for violation of road safety rules that has resulted in the deaths of several persons. Finally, all conclusions will be made by an expert. But one can already say that the speed of BMW was not below 100 kilometers per hour".

Friends of Danila Voronkov say that Vladyslav Piskun has even tried to commit a suicide in the detention facility. His girlfriend, who at the time of the traffic accident was on the front passenger seat, has been remaining in the department of traumatology of the 1st city hospital, without serious health consequences. Vladyslav Piskun lived with her recently in a rented apartment, although he has a 5-year-old daughter and wife, with whom he has not officially divorced.

The team players say that within the last two months, Vladyslav had a depression – he missed many games due to a serious spinal injury and had doubts about the continuation of his career. By the way, he received the driver’s license only one and half year ago and at first he had drove to a more modest car, Huundai before he bought a BMW cabriolet, valued at 70 thousand US dollars.

The president of FC Sevastopil Oleksandr Krasylnykov said in public that he would not help the defender for his club to cope with this nightmare.



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